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Mahendra Raj started an independent consultancy practice in the field of civil and structural engineering in 1960. First in his own name, and later in the name of Engineering Consultants (India) ECI. Keeping in view the demand of the construction industry in India and also to provide consultancy services to neighbouring countries, Mahendra Raj Consultants Pvt Ltd, MRC, was set up in 1976. The two firms together offer consultancy services to encompass all facets of the building industry ?from concept to management of project within the country and overseas.

Consultancy, in the context of a country developing at a very fast rate, is a complex phenomenon which demands an organization adept at meeting the vastly different and rapidly changing urban and rural requirements. It also requires proficiency in fusing the age old construction methods with modern techniques while fully preserving the craftsman and his traditional skill.

Specialised Expertise
The activities of the group have been challenging and diverse involving varied projects, ranging from residential, commercial and utility buildings to multi-disciplined heavy industries, large span structures, marine, air and surface transport facilities. The group prides itself for having designed a number of large span ad high-rise structures, some of which when built were the first of their kind in the country. This experience has given special expertise to the group The group has a strong team of civil and structural engineers reputed for their innovative, creative and cost effective solutions. Further every member of the staff keeps abreast with the latest developments in the field of analysis, design, construction management and construction techniques. To achieve this, a well equipped library containing over 5000 technical books and journals are available to the staff along with a state of art computer facilities.

Whatever the magnitude of the project, the policy of the group is to evolve a structural solution which is economically viable and within the reach of indigenous materials and construction techniques. The attempt is to attain integration of structural, functional, architectural and services requirement to create aesthetic harmony in the total structural expression. In addition the group encourages utilization of local resources, the use of labour intensive technology where economically feasible, supported by computer aided modern technology acquired by working abroad and in India.

Mr. Mahendra Raj, an eminent engineer known for his outstanding achievements in the field of Architectural Engineering, heads MRC. He has over 60 years of experience and is ably supported by associates with 18-25 years experience. In addition, the organization has a panel of consultants for specialized areas.

Mahendra Raj

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