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Mr. Mahendra Raj, Managing Director

Born in 1924, he graduated in Civil Engineering in 1946 from Lahore, did his MS in Structures in 1956 from Minnesota, and CE in Structures from Columbia, New York in 1959. He started his career with Punjab Public Works Department as an Assistant Engineer in 1946, was promoted as an Executive Engineer in 1953 and went to USA for further studies and work experience from 1955 to 1959. On his return he resigned from the Government service and started his independent practice as a civil engineer in 1960.

As a Designer
Mahendra Raj's 60 years service to the building profession has shown an uncommon inventiveness and willingness to experiment with new concepts. He is considered to be one of the most inventive engineers in the country. He has worked with some of the leading Architects of the World and of the Country such as Le-Corbusier, Minoru Yamasaki, Louis Kahn, Charles Correa, B V Doshi, A P Kanvinde, J A Stein and Raj Rewal.

Some of the projects he worked on are trend setters in the country:

Hall of Nations and Halls of Industries, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
The first large span space frame in reinforced concrete in the world
Usha Kiran, Mumbai
The first skyscraper in India
Tagore Memorial Theatre, Ahmedabad
The first large span folded plate structure
Covered Sports Stadium, Srinagar
The first large span space frame with precast concrete members and insitu joints
DCM Hindon River Mills, Ghaziabad
The first large span industrial structure comprising post tensioned tied arches with precast concrete flooring units to create a 48m x 250m column free space

In recognition of his contribution to Structural Engineering, he was elected President of 'Indian Concrete Institute' for 1987-89.
Mr Raj received the 'Architectural Engineering Design Award' from the Institution of Engineers (India) in 1989-90, the 'GOURAV Award' from the Association of Consulting Civil Engineers in 1991, and "The Chairman's Award" in the series 'Architect of the Year Awards' in 1995. This was the first time that an award meant for Architects was given to an Engineer 'for outstanding contribution towards achieving integration of structural functional and architectural aspects in design for living?'


As a Professional
Mr Mahendra Raj has made extensive contributions to the development of the profession of Consultancy in the country. He was President of the Association of Consulting Engineers India (ACEI) for a number of years before it merged with the National Association of Consulting Engineer and was renamed Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI). As President of ACEI Mr Raj has sponsored the cause of Consultancy in India for a number of years and has helped in enhancing its credibility.

He has been very active in framing a legislation for regulation of the profession of Engineering in the country 'The Engineer's Bill'. His efforts of the last over twenty years for this cause eventually won support of all professional organisations in India. As a result, the Government has instituted an 'Engineering Council of India'. Mr Raj was a member of the committee which drafted Rules and Regulations for this Council. Later he was the Vice Chairman of the Council for a number of years. The Government has given an assurance to the Engineering Profession that legislation of the Engineer's Bill will follow.

Along with some other organizations Mr. Raj was, as the President of ACEI, instrumental in the setting up of the Consultancy Development Centre (CDC) under the patronage of the Government of India to promote Consultancy in the Country. He was the Vice Chairman of CDC and held the post for a number of years. He participated actively and made significant contribution towards formation of Technical Consultancy Development Programme for Asia and Pacific (TCDPAP) under the sponsorship of ESCAP. He was the first country representative to TCDPAP.

Mr Mahendra Raj has been active in International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), since India became a member in 1981. He was member of North and South Committee on Needs and Resources (NASCONAR) set up in 1981-82 and later of the Client Consultant Relationship Committee (CCRC) for a number of years. He has attended and participated in the deliberations at a number of FIDIC conferences in different parts of the world.

He was also instrumental in the Indian Association hosting three FIDIC related meetings in Delhi. First, Asia South Pacific Asian countries ASPAC meeting in March 1984, second, FIDIC-Executive Committee meeting in January'1988 both organized by Mr Raj as the President of the Association of Consulting Engineers India, ACE(I) and the third, again a FIDIC Executive Committee meeting in January'2001 organized by Consulting Engineers Association of India. This was followed by a very successful International Conference on FIDIC Conditions of Contract in which Mr Raj was the Chairman of the Technical Committee.

He was also member of a high-powered committee set up by the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation of the Government of India to draft a Comprehensive Legislation to Regulate and Control the Activities of Builders and Developers.

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