Project & Construction Management > Pre-Construction Stage

The services we provide at the Pre-Construction Stage are:

Design Details

  • Review of the design details and bill of quantities prepared by the Architects, including follow-up with the Architects / Consultants co-ordinated drawings for construction


  • Release of 'Good for Construction' Drawings at 'Commencement of Contract'


  • Short-listing of Contractors in consultation with Architects / Consultants
  • Prepare complete tender documents with Special General Conditions of Contract
  • Verify Bill of Quantities prepared by Architects / Consultants
  • Review the detailed specifications prepared by Architects / Consultants
  • Invite Tenders
  • Conduct Pre-Bid meeting
  • Receive Tenders, scrutinize and prepare recommendations for negotiations
  • Assist Architects / Owners in Negotiation and Selection of Contractor
  • Prepare final recommendations for Award of Work
  • Assist in the Agreement and placement of Work Orders


Cost Estimates

  • Assist Architect in preparing project cost estimates and cash flow statements

Project Schedule

  • Finalize Project Schedule and Construction Schedule of the Contracting Agency
  • Mobilisation of Site office


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