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The services we provide at the Construction Stage are:

Site Mobilisation

  • Mobilisation of the Site Office with requisite facilities
  • Finalize site layout for temporary structures like site lab, material storage area, contractors offices, machine areas etc.


  • Preparation and Finalization of overall Project Construction Schedule (CPM and PERT Charts)
  • Construction schedule of individual contractors
  • Mile Stone chart
  • Schedule of long-lead items, imported items,items requiring special documentation etc.
  • Cash Flow Plans


  • Establish Overall Work Method Plan
  • Establish Work Method Program for all Critical Items
  • Establish Safety Assurance Program
  • Establish Quality Assurance Program for materials and for workmanship
  • Establish Site and Independant Lab for Testing of materials
  • Establish System Controls like meeting schedules, daily / weekly / monthly and other periodic reports, photographic reports, test reports, site instructions, material & inspection reports, MIS, quality records, authority and delegation levels etc.


Maintenance of Site records like:

  • Receipt & issue of 'Good for Construction' drawings
  • Daily reports,weekly reports, monthly reports etc.
  • Quality control reports
  • Site testing and commissioning reports
  • Guarantees, Warrantees and factory testing reports
  • Lab test reports
  • Work Inspection records
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Photographic records
  • Measurement sheets and bills
  • Records of 'as per contract provisions' and Government and other statutory regulations
  • Progress reports, schedules, revised schedules
  • Visitor Register


  • Day to day supervision
  • Special supervision for critical works such as concreting, steel work, night work, holiday work etc.
  • Ensure adherence to specifications, deawings, BOQ, tender conditions and contract provisions
  • Special supervision for heavy items of work from a safety point of view
  • Ensure adherence of safety norms


  • Coordinatiuon with Architect / Consultant for drawings, documentations etc.
  • Coordination at site for execution of work for various trades / functions
  • Coordination and sequencing among various agencies working at site
  • Resolving differences among various trades / functions

Measurement / Bills

  • Scrutinize / check measurements and certify running bills of various contractors in accordance with BOQ, tender conditions etc.
  • Scrutinize and check the applicability of extras, substitutes, deductions, reductions etc. along with reasons

Commissioning / Handing Over

  • Testing / Commissioning / Operation of all equipment and services
  • Final Inspection and issung commissioning certificates
  • Defects / Rectification and Snagging List
  • Issuing Virtual Completion Certificate
  • Procure As Built Drawings, Manuals, Catalouges, Maintenance Schedules & Manuals, Performance Guarantees / Warantees etc. from Contractors / Suppliers
  • Write up for maintenance agency
  • Closing of Site Office
  • With the Architect ensure the Handing Over Possession to the Owner



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