Structural Design

Having specialised in large span, tall and innovative structures. MRC had opportunities to take on great structural challenges in designing commercial, residential institutional and industrial buildings. For every project under taken, MRC prepares design criteria which may go beyond the minimum local codes to ensure safety and durability of the building. MRC takes into consideration seismic, wind loads, where relevant snow loading and salinity in the environment, blast resistance, sound attenuation, equipment loadings and special occupancy requirements.

MRC selects structural systems uniquely appropriate for each project considering project locality, construction methodology, effectiveness of various structural materials, architectural expressions, strength and stiffness requirements, environmental durability, sensitivities to sound and vibrations, initial and long term costs, response to catastrophic events and the functional needs of the occupancy.

Some projects in this area of expertise are:

Usha Kiran, Mumbai
The pioneer in high-rise structures
in India

Hall of Nations & Halls of Industries,
        Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
The first large span space frame in reinforced concrete in the world

Tagore Memorial Theatre, Ahmedabad
The first large span folded plate
structure in India

DCM Hindon River Mills, Ghaziabad
The first large concrete structural system in India; using post tensioned perforated hollow girders suspended from large span twin concrete arches

Vidhan Bhavan, Bhopal
The new Vidhan Sabha Complex consists
of six sectors arranged to give an overall
circular plan covering an area of about
29,000 sqm.
The structure is cast-in-situ RCC and founded on cast-in-situ concrete piles. It constitutes a large central hall with a covered area of 9,450 sqm.
City Centre Civic Block, New Delhi
The 18 storeyed Civic block of New Delhi Municipal Corporation is supported on a central core and four shear walls which curve outwards. Large three storey high openings in the two central shear walls provide an inner atrium.
NCDC Office Building, New Delhi
Two inclined wings 9-storeyed high join with the central core at top to create an open attrium. Alternate floors are tied together with post tensioned cables. The building houses the offices of the National Cooperative Development Corporation
State Trading Corporation, New Delhi
Office building in New Delhi provides
storey-height concrete virendeels
cantilevering 6 meters at each end
Covered Sports Stadium, Srinagar
With a seating capacity of 5000. In the shape of a cross with maximum dimension of 62 meters; it is the first large span space frame with interecting precast and post-tensioned concrete members

Permanent Indian Mission, New York
A 28 storey concrete framed building in New York,  houses the offices and residences of the Permanent Indian Mission to USA



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