Total Design Consultancy
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MRC is built on referral from satisfied clients whose aspirations are fullfilled with high quality design with ideas innovation and imagination within the time period and specified budget . Corporate and government organizations have repeatedly trusted MRC with total design consultancy. This Includes all of the following services : physical master planning, design and development, architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical, water supply and sanitary, water resources, soil investigation, environmental control, landscaping, land surveys, acoustics.

Some projects in this area of expertise are:

DCM Engineering Products, Ropar
The factory covering 20,000 sqm uses a combination of concrete and steel structural systems. A number of shops have 5 and 10 ton gantries.

Township for Enron Power Project, Dabhol
The residential colony and includes town and guest houses, hostel, commercial and recreation centres, school, administration building and sports facilities, with a total covered area of 22,000 sqm
International Airport, Hyderabad
The airport has been designed to meet domestic and international traffic growth requirement’s up to the year 2020 and includes modern facilities

DCM Hindon River Mills, Ghaziabad
This factory to manufacture superfine cloth has a total covered area of 35,400 sqm. A structural system of post-tensioned perforated hollow girders, suspended from twin concrete arches provides large 48m x 225m working halls for the factory.

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