Shri Ram Centre for Art and Culture

New Delhi

A circular auditorium with a seating capacity of 650 is tucked underneath a 31m x 31m rehearsal hall which acts as a large parasol. The auditorium is 21m dia and is supported on circumferential and radial beams cantilevering out of six columns. The rehearsal hall is supported on four independent cross-shaped columns placed at 19m centres with 6m cantilevers all around.

Architect: Shiv Nath Prasad
Design Engineer: D V Jain

Premabhai Hall


Roof of the main 55m x 37m hall with a seating capacity of 1000 is supported on four-shaft columns connected with deep reinforced concrete girders carrying steel trusses which cantilever out to pick up another 10m x 37m small hall at an upper level. Tapering ribs springing out of the entrance level and supported on deep girders keep the foyer column-free.
Architect: B-V Doshi
Design Engineers: D V Jain Krishna Hegde

Gandhi Memorial Hall

1962-64, New Delhi

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai

National development dairy board

1984-86, Anand, Gujarat

Architect: kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury