Central Bank


The main 14-storeyed tower is carried on concrete transfer girders supported on six columns. Total floor area is 11,000 sqm. A typical floor measures 18.3mx 36.6m and is column free.

Architect: BV Doshi
Design Engineers: D S Parikh N R Amin

NCDC-Office Building

New Delhi

Two inclined wings 9-storied high join with the central core at top to create an open attrium. Each typical floor is 11m x 25m column free using one way ribs. Alternate floors are tied together with post tensioned cables. The building houses the offices of the National Cooperative Development Corporation.

Architect: Kuldip Singh
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri Ashok Nanda V Y Salpaker

New Great Insurance Co. of India-Office Building


A new building on top of an existing one carried on separate columns which branch off as trees to carry upper levels.

Architect: Studio Technio
Design Engineer: Amrit Sanghani

STC-Office Building

New Delhi

The office building of the State Trading Corporation provides storey-height concrete virendeels cantilevering 6m at each end and supported on service shafts located 23m apart which permits flexible internal planning over an area of 44000 sqm. The building, with 23-storey, 18-storey and 12-storey towers, is supported on 18 to 20m long driven cast-in-situ piles.

Architect: Raj Rewal
Design Engineers: Krishna Hegde J Ghose

LIC-Office Building

New Delhi

The project consists of two thirteen-storeyed towers springing out of a three-level base comprising of two basements and a terraced piazza. At the roof an open grid parasol resting on 45m high free standing columns interconnects the towers. The building provides 40,000 sqm of covered area using flat slab on 8m x 8m grid. Shear walls provide lateral stability. Large diameter bored piles support the building.

Architect: CM Correa
Design Engineers: CM Sardana Vijay Rewal T Mathur

NDDB Office Building

New Delhi

An interesting concept of sculptured terrace garden created in a six storeyed RCC frame building with a covered area of approximately 3000 sqm.

Architect: Kanvinde Rai & Chowdhury
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri Keshav

Tahiliani Design Headquarters


Architect: SPA Design

Triburg Headquarters


Architect: SPA Design

Bearys Group Research Triangle


Architect: SPNM Salim & Associates

Xansa Software Office


Architect: Jasbir Sawhney

God Gift Commercial Complex


Architect: RC Gulati

First India Place


Architect: WS Atkins