NDMC/Palika Kendra, Phase-I and Phase-II

1973-83; 1995-2000, New Delhi

Architect : Kuldip Singh

Institute of Town Planners

New Delhi

Architect: Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Legislative Assembly and High Court Complex


The Legislative Assembly comprises of an assembly block, four office-blocks and a council block covering 20,000sqm. The assembly hall has a folded-plate dome roof with 22m diameter at the base and a rise of 9m at the centre. The High court has six blocks: a central entrance block, a Chief Justice’s block, and four typical court blocks covering 12000sqm. The complex is a three-to-five-storeyed reinforced concrete framed structure with waffle floors.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai

Design Engineer: Ashok Nanda

National Institute of Public Finance and Policy

1981-83, New Delhi

Architect : Raj Rewal

Vidhan Bhavan


The new Vidhan Sabha Complex consists of six-sectors arranged to give an overall circular plan of 140m in diameter covering an area of about 29000 sqm. Within the extent of the building, the existing ground level falls by approximately 8m which has been integrated in the design in an imaginative manner and has resulted in two to five storey buildings.

The normal grid for the floor system is 10m x 10m having two way beams and secondary ribs at one third points in both directions.

The roof structures include a 26m diameter hemispherical dome on the Vidhan Sabha hall a doubly curved shell on a tringular base with two 43m sides and one 36m for a multipurpose hall a composite space truss in concrete and steel to cover 14m x 14m of Vidhan Parishad and two 30m x 30m lobby areas each supported on four columns with an interesting roof system.

Architect: C M Correa :

Design Engineers: J Ghose V Mutneja Y N Dewan R K Gupta Ekbal Hussain

Indian Embassy


Architect: Ranjit Sabikhi

British Council Library

New Delhi

Architect: Charles Correa

Permanent Mission of India

New York, USA

Architect : Charles Correa

Centre for Science and Environment

New Delhi

Architect: BV Doshi

District Court and Lawyers' Chambers

Rohini, New Delhi

Architect : Jasbir Sawhney

Muskaan NGO

New Delhi

Architect : Babbar and Babbar Associates

Alliance Francaise

New Delhi

Architect : SPA Design, ARBD

CBI Headquarters

New Delhi

Architect : Raja Aederi

National Centre for Biological Sciences, Phase-I


Architect : ABRD Architects

National Centre for Biological Sciences, Phase-II


Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Bharat Soka Gakkai, New Delhi

New Delhi

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Solar Pavilion

Yara Village, Madhya Pradesh

Architect : Studio VanRO