Institute of Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition


A framed structure on 7m x 9m grid with large, pleasant, terraces and a small
15m x 15m auditorium cum open-air theatre.

Architect: CM Correa



A large complex for the International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) comprising: laboratories, work-areas, administration, housing and service buildings. The firm was associated with a part of this project consisting of laboratories, work-areas and part housing. Laboratories integrate structural and services requirements with the use of ribs with circular openings.
Some of the work-areas have a north light structure using vierendeels in structural steel. Other such areas have large span concrete ribs supporting semi circular AC sheet roofing shells.

Architect: Stein Doshi & Bhalla

Institute of Management


An idiom of load bearing masonry walls and relieving arches has been used extensively in the entire complex to create large and small span areas.

Architect: Prof Louis Kahn
Co-ordinating Architects: BV Doshi A Raje

Indian Institute of Management


This is a three-storeyed complex using locally available stone as load bearing masonry walls interspersed with RCC columns. Administrative, faculty, classroom clusters, library and dormitories form part of the complex.

Architect: Stein Doshi & Bhalla

Lecture Halls Core Laboratories and Faculty Buildings


Lecture halls, core laboratories and faculty buildings form part of a large complex of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The lecture halls comprise 7 independent halls of different capacities (the largest is 418sqm) interconnected by a number of elevated walkways. The folded plate roofs span upto 18.3m.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai

IIT Kanpur Amphitheatre

2014 -17

IIT Kanpur Lecture Hall

2014 -17



The Structural Engineering Research Centre Complex has an overall covered area of 16000 sqm. Two storeyed blocks having 11.6 m x 11.6 m column free areas house the offices, light laboratory and computer facilities, and are connected to a workshop consisting of 10 workrooms having truncated pyramidal roof 11.6 m x 11.6 m with a large openings on two faces. Peripheral blocks of octagonal shape form the cafeteria and library. A heavy testing laboratory (46.4 m x 26 m) with folded plate roof (26 m span) supported on vierendeel girders (2.9 m deep) spanning 26 m forms an envelope housing the main heavy testing box floor (5000 T capacity) and reaction wall capable of testing scale models of large bridge decks and 3 storeyed buildings.

Architect: Kanvinde Rai & Chowdhury

IIT Bhilai Academic Block


Architect: Kanvinde Rai & Chowdhury