Mother Dairy

New Delhi Bombay Calcutta and Madras

Under the operation flood scheme to meet the demands of milk, dairies with 4,00,000 litres per day capacities have been built in the metro polises of Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras. To satisfy the need of proper ventilation, the process hall is provided with folded plate roof giving a clean ceiling. Functional need required the Administration Block to act as a bridge over an 18m wide drive way between the production block and the workers’ amenities block.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri GD Juneja

Feeder Dairies

Feeder Balancing Dairies Rohtak Meerut Patna Jalgaon Varanasi Bikaner Sangam Salem Alwar Bhilwara Erode 1973 continuing

Folded-plate roof of 14m span at different heights provides an interesting covering for the process hall in the production block. The dairies located in rural areas make extensive use of local labour and indigenous materials. The capacity of each dairy is 1,50,000 litres per day.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri CM Sardana S R Singh