Fruit and Vegetable Project

New Delhi

A pilot project of National Dairy Development Board comprises a central distribution facility for fruits and vegetables. The centralised distribution facility has a production block, an engineering store, a godown, a service block, workers amenities and an administration block.
The production block with a covered area of over 18000 sqm has a storage capacity for 12000 tons of fruits and vegetables. To meet the temperature requirements of different articles in the production block there is a deep freezer at -20°C temperature, cold rooms at 4°C and despatch areas at 20°C. The structural system consists of steel trusses of 24m and 36m span supported on steel columns and clad with insulated panels.
The production block was designed and supplied by a French firm on a turnkey basis. The structural designs and the drawings submitted were vetted by us. The other buildings of the central facility covering 8000 sqm were designed by us.

Production Block:

Turnkey Suppliers: Fives Cail Babcock

Other Buildings:

Architect: Design Group

Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market


Architect: Kuldip Singh

Commercial Centre


Architect: Kuldip Singh

Crescent Shopping Centre

New Delhi

Architect: Akbar Design Consultants

Flower Market


Architect: Kuldip Singh

Sangam Cinema

New Delhi

Architect: Arcop Associates