Danfoss Factory


A factory using 13m x 13m tilted hyperbolic paraboloids in concrete.

Architect: Rai & Bali
Design Engineer: V V Nori

Silver Cotton Mills

1971-72, Ahmedabad

Architect : BV Doshi

Hindon River Mills

1971-73, Ghaziabad

A Delhi Cloth Mills’ factory to manufacture superfine cloth with a total covered area of 35,400 sqm. Post-tensioned perforated hollow girders carrying humidified air are suspended from 48m span twin concrete arches placed at 15 m centres. Precast double tee units in reinforced concrete weighing 12 tonnes each are supported on the hollow girders. This structural system provides large 48 m x 225 m working halls for the factory.

Architect : Kanvinde & Rai 

Mother Dairy

New Delhi Bombay Calcutta and Madras

Under the operation flood scheme to meet the demands of milk, dairies with 4,00,000 litres per day capacities have been built in the metro polises of Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras. To satisfy the need of proper ventilation, the process hall is provided with folded plate roof giving a clean ceiling. Functional need required the Administration Block to act as a bridge over an 18m wide drive way between the production block and the workers’ amenities block.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri GD Juneja

Feeder Dairies

Feeder Balancing Dairies Rohtak Meerut Patna Jalgaon Varanasi Bikaner Sangam Salem Alwar Bhilwara Erode 1973 continuing

Folded-plate roof of 14m span at different heights provides an interesting covering for the process hall in the production block. The dairies located in rural areas make extensive use of local labour and indigenous materials. The capacity of each dairy is 1,50,000 litres per day.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri CM Sardana S R Singh

IDC Godowns, NDDB

1994-76, Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras

Architect : Kanvinde & Rai 

DCM Engineering Products


The project covers an area of 20,000sqm and uses a combination of concrete and steel structural systems. Cascading folds in steel spanning 19m and supported on concrete columns and edge frames create some of the areas. Other areas are created with vertical trusses spanning 18m and 24m at 6m to 8m centres and supporting folded plates in steel, alternatively at top and bottom chords to allow north and south light. The factory has a number of 5 and 10 ton gantries in different shops.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai
Design Engineers: S Pal Krishna Hegde Associate Engineer: H S Bakshi

Engine Bearing Plant


A factory for Gabriel India Pvt Ltd to produce engine bearings for automotive industry. Folded plate roof in structural steel spanning 22m is supported on concrete columns and frames.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri M S Osa Associate Engineer: H S Bakshi

Dairies, NDDB

1977-84, Jaipur and Gwalior

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Paper Laminating Plant


V shaped columns on a 9mx19.5m grid support reinforced concrete folded plate box girders with web openings to act as humidifier ducts. Precast double tee units in reinforced concrete span across the girders.

Architect: Kanvinde & Rai
Design Engineers: B B Chaudhuri P Singh

Soyabean Oil Mill


Industrial Complex with various buildings like preparatory, solvent extraction plant, oil refinery, boiler house, engineering stores, large godowns, overhead water tanks, administration block, guest house etc. Total covered area 19,000 sqm. Designed for the national Dairy Development Board.

Architect: Sukrit Sankalp
Design Engineer: C M Sardana

Wheels India

1984-85, Rampur

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury


1984-86, Ghaziabad

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Eicher LCV Plant

1985-86, Indore

Architect : Jasbir Sawhney

Shock Absorber Factory

Munjal Showa LTd.

1985-86, Gurgaon

Architect : Jasbir Sawhney

Telephone Cable Factory

1987-88, Mohali

Architect : Ram Sharma

30 TPD Powder Plants, NDDB

1987-89, Meerut, Ludhiana, Tumkur, Ongole, Erode and Banaskantha

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Tannery, Unbuilt


1989-90, Kazakhstan

Architect : AAKAR Design Consultants

Pepsi Snack & Concentrate

1989-91, Patiala

Architect : Akshay Jain and Rakha Chakraburty (MRC)

NDDB Dairies

1989-90, 1994, Lucknow and Sirsa

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Taj Bottling Plant

1990-91, Jaunpur

Architect : MRC

Press Shop Caparo Maruti

1994-96, Gurgaon

Architect : Charles Correa

Delhi Flour Mills

2011-15, Greater Noida

Architect : Studio VanRO

Sabar Dairy

2021, Himmat Nagar Gujarat

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Sabar Dairy

2021, Rohtak Haryana

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury

Dudhsagar Dairy

2021, Mehsana Gujarat

Architect : Kanvinde, Rai & Chowdhury