Shakuntlam Theatre

Pragati Maidan New Delhi

A hall with a seating capacity of 400 is covered with 1.2m deep reinforced concrete girders spanning 18m and supported on 20cm thick reinforced concrete enclosure walls. To allow for rotation of deep girders, hinges have been provided in the walls below the girder seating. Roof of the hall also accommodates an open-air theatre with a 400-seating capacity.

Architect: Design Group

Design Engineer: G D Juneja



A series of rigid frames in reinforced concrete folded plates provide the outer shell to this hall. Vertical folds are 17m high, increasing in depth from 1.15m at the base to 2.4m at the top with a constant plate thickness of 15cm. Horizontal folds are 2.4m deep and span 33.5m with a plate thickness of 10 cm increasing to 15cm near the supports. Inside the hall, a “seating bowl” with a capacity of 700 is supported on an independent structure. Sculptural columns and cantilevers of this bowl dominate the lobby area. The hall, located on the banks of Sabarmati River, is supported on individual and strip footings resting on a sandy strata.

Architect: BV Doshi

Design Engineer: R D Shah